Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline:
— postmarked by Jan 03/14

Is your work appropriate for CAROUSEL?
We strongly recommend that you research the magazine carefully before you submit — read our latest issue!

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CAROUSEL Submission Policies

CAROUSEL welcomes submissions from new and established artists: we focus on Canadian creators, but also include International contributions to a maximum of 15% per issue. We consider unpublished work in any genre, including all forms of hybrid media; if it's original and engaging, we'd like to see it in print! To submit, you must provide us with a working email address, phone number and full mailing address. Make sure that your name and email appear on every page of work that you submit.

Please note: it is our position that your submission to CAROUSEL indicates a level of interest in this magazine! For this reason, we will automatically add your email address to our electronic mailing list, and you will receive approximately one email per month from us keeping you informed about events, calls, and general news. Should you wish to unsubscribe from this list, you can do so at any time.

- submit 3-7 poems per submission period
- we are interested in all forms of poetry including traditional, formal, experimental and concrete; please note, however, that it is our position that poems written in free rhythm should not merely be prose chopped into shorter lines


- submit 1 story (under 3000 words) per submission period
- in general, we are not interested in works that adhere to strict genre categories (sci-fi, fantasy, or horror); we do not publish plays or scripts; we normally do not publish sections of novels (though we very occasionally break this rule)


- submit 3-7 artworks per submission period
- for comic/sequential works: projects should be narratively self-contained, and can be 1-8 pgs in length
- due to the nature of our editorial process we cannot accept invitations to visit websites
- our journal is a venue for artists interested in exploring the page — in general, we are interested in works that function specifically as pageworks; we DO want there to be some narrative potential to the works; we DO want them to be graphic and to reproduce well; we DON'T want to print works that simply feel like disconnected "portfolio" pieces (ie. a photograph or painting created for a wall / gallery scenario)


Response times are generally 4-6 months from the deadline closing date (NOT from the day you submit) ... be patient

- early Aug or early Dec; your package will get put into our workflow immediately — this will give you the quickest response time. Good move!

- from Jan 15 to Jun 30; during this blackout period, your poor lonely package will sit untouched until our Fall meetings begin — and from there it'll take another 4-6 months for a response, as listed above. Bad move.

Simultaneous Submissions Policy:
- we allow simultaneous submissions — please indicate in your cover letter if we are viewing works simultaneously submitted to other outlets, and if you do place work elsewhere, let us know immediately!

A Note on 'Revised/Reworked' Submissions:
- we will need to be informed immediately if your work has undergone any form of intense revision (particularily with poetry) and the reworked version will need to be forwarded to us for consideration

A Note on Rejections:
- due to the amount of submissions we receive, we will not critique works we reject regardless of any request to do so

1. CAROUSEL reserves the First North American serial rights and the non-exclusive rights to reprint and/or electronically publish any materials that appear in the magazine, including subsequent use on promotional materials related to the magazine and/or its events
2. We also ask for credit to CAROUSEL for any future reprints on all published works
3. Copyrights remain with the author or artist

1. Every accepted written contributor will receive an honorarium upon publication according to the following C34/35 Fee Schedule —  Fiction: 1-2 printed pgs: $25 / 3-4 pgs: $40 / 5+ pgs: $55; Poetry: $15 per work (paid in CDN currency)
2. Every accepted contributor will further receive a 2-issue subscription to CAROUSEL comprised of one complimentary copy of the issue in which they appear, as well as one complimentary copy of the next printed issue of the magazine
3. We also offer accepted contributors additional copies of the issue in which they appear at extremely discounted rates for a 3 month period after publication date

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CAROUSEL (Editorial Dept)
c/o UC 274
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON N1G 2W1

(International submittors label envelope No Commercial Value for customs purposes)

We do not provide surface mail responses — 
we only respond by email, even if you choose to submit a physical package